Selasa, 17 November 2015

All About Me



My name is Willy Candra Ardiansah, I live in Pondok Ciptamas 2 blok c3 no.15 RT. 05 RW 11  Batujajar, Kabupaten Bandung Barat. My hobbies are playing football, modification my motorcycle, playing games in playstation and hiking, i really like to hiking. If any of you who also like to hiking, I hope someday you want to hiking with me. I was born in Kebumen, 24th September 1999, and i'm now 16 years old. My favourite food is rendang, sate,gudeg and many more Indonesian food. I have one younger brother, her name is Muhammad Rifqi Aziz.

My face is round and narrow. I have small and brown eyes. Big nose and i also have sexy lips =)). My hair is straight and black. I am short and normal weight. I am slight muscular and i have brown skin. I like to wear jeans and t-shirt. I also to wear vans shoes and jacket.
I have pleasant personality. Iam very friendly, sometimes i am shy if i meet new people. I also fairly out going but not dominating, I am confident. I also inteligent so i have a lot friends. Sometimes i become annoying person and selfish. I often care for others.
My future plans are very definite, first I am going to ITB and then finish my study SMAN 3 Bandung for three years. After that I want go to roving Indonesia for work. And get married in Paris with my girlfriend, I want to live in europe for a longtime, I wanna live happy forever.

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