Senin, 13 Juni 2016


1.  What is the title of the song on my blog?
    a. Let her go
    b. Stitches 
    c. Only call away
    d. Dear god
2.   Where avenged sevenfold created?
    a. Jakarta
    b. New york
    c. California 
    d. San francisco
3.   What other names from avenged sevenfold?
    a. The blues
    b. A7X
    c. The special one
    d. The baby alien 
4.   How old A7X member when the first album was made?
    a. 16 y.o
    b. 17 y.o
    c. 18 y.o
    d. 19 y.o
5.   What's genre avenged sevenfold?
    a. Jazz
    b. Alternative rock
    c. Dangdut
    d. Metalcore
6.    Where is the location of Candi Borobudur
    a. Indonesia
    b. America 
    c. Swedia
    d. Africa 
7.   It was built around ....
    a. 745
    b. 800
    c. 1999
    d. 450
8.   Who's the architect who made the Candi Borobudur 
    a. Mpu gandring
    b. Roro jongrang
    c. Sailendra
    d. Ridwan kamil
9.   Where exactly is the Candi Borobudur?
    a. Magelang, Central Java
    b. Bandung, West Java
    c. Malang, East Java
    d. Medan, Aceh
10.   Candi Borobudur was abandoned in the year?
    a. In century 14
    b. In century 15
    c. In century 16
    d. In century 17
11.   What the cat's favorite food.?
    a. Fish
    b. Plankton 
    c. Vegetable 
    d. Fruit
12.   What the disease is often experienced by cats.?
    a. Fleas 
    b. Gray
    c. Dandruff 
    d. Baldness 
13.   What kind of animal is a cat.?
    a. Mammals 
    b. Reptiles 
    c. Alligators 
    d. Omnivores 
14.   Cat color what we often encounter.?
    a. Black&White
    b. Blue
    c. Red&Blue
    d. Green
15.   Why cats are often maintained by a person.? 
    a. Because cute
    b. Because adorable
    c. Because it was fun
    d. a,b,c right
16.   How blue whales communicate with each other?
    a. Make a call
    b. Scream
    c. Use the phone
    d. a,b,c right
17.   In how many blue whales hunted banned?
    a. 1965
    b. 1964
    c. 1963
    d. 1962
18.    How sharks breathe?
    a. Use gills 
    b. Use lungs 
    c. Use skin
    d. a,b,c right
19.    What is the most large sharks?
    a. Great White Shark
    b. Basking Shark
    c. Megalodon Shark
    d. Whale Shark
20.    Where the sharks live?
    a. In the ocean
    b. In the land
    c. In the sky
    d. a,b,c right

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