Jumat, 18 Desember 2015



Yesterday, my friends and I went camping in Bumi Perkemahan Kiara Payung. We go where there use army truck. We set off and joking banter during the trip. We reached the campsite after we walked for about a half hour of school. First of all, we were told to build a tent next to the field that was there, then we lined up to start the opening ceremony. After opening the prop we all told to divide us into three groups, one group was trained to make a stretcher, group 2 are trained to determine the direction (use the compass), and the third group was told to make the rigging. I entered in group 2, there I was taught how to use a compass to determine the direction. Learning to use a compass was cool 😄. Once completed, we rest, pray, eat. We were told to cook in the tent (despite the rain), we eat meals together and the food we also assessed by teachers. It was getting dark and cold, so we made a campfire, we also gathered according to each class we create entertainment (Pentas Seni) and I think I am quite so funny😁 

The next day, we started the day with divided into 2 groups of our prop, it functioned to divide between student / student whose gymnastic and student / student preparing the food. After completion of gymnastics, we eat together, and after the meal we were all told to look for postal mail that has been provided by the committee, and each post if we succeed, we will get a roll of paper in the form of dasa darma scout totaling 10 rolls of paper, our adventure up and down the hill, although tired but we (a prop) did not give up. Once completed, we were told to return to the field for the closing ceremony, and once completed we also returned to his beloved high school SMAN 3 Bandung.

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