Selasa, 19 Januari 2016

My last holiday

My Last Holiday
Last holiday I went to the mountain Burangrang. After my father took my report,my friend and I having a plan to hike the mountain Burangrang. We started in dawn (of course we have prepare last night), we charter public transportation from home. While I was a little  bit sleepy, we departed to mountain Burangrang. Even if wearing a jacket, we  stil feel cold.

As we arrived in there, we walk to the top of the mountain. We struggled to get there and so tired. We found the cemaras trees and many more trees in there, of course we quite found like that in mountain Burangrang. A thing that we can’t found in the city, we take a few photos selfie in there. After we arrived on the top of the mountain of the Burangrang, we rest in there and take a Indonesian flag to mark we arrived in there. We looking spot for setting up a tend, the clock is showing the time as 12.20 it means we must to shalat dzuhur. After shalat dzuhur, we cook a rice and a sarden. Timeflies, we spent to sleep and  the morning we went home by walking in different direction. As we arrived in the road, we use a public transportation to go home.

            I very proud about my holiday, because I have been arrived in the top of the montain Burangrang, other times, I would hike the high mountains.


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