Selasa, 23 Februari 2016

An Education For A Better Future

An Education for a Better Future.

I do not like education these days, in my opinion, it was very demanding for me to understand the lesson by itself and was only given a little bit of understanding. to be honest, I was a lazy student to learn and must be given advance understanding, and that understanding must be specific to be easily understood. the parents should also understand how is the curriculum, by knowing the curriculum, parents can predict the child will acquire academic skills, skills, and what kind of development when interacting continue to junior high, high school or vocational school. Parents also need to know the competence of teachers in teaching. We can imagine how difficult it is to catch the eyes of the students in the lesson if the teacher is not qualified to teach. try to compare with Finland, the Finnish education system is the best in the world. Record of student achievement of the best in the OECD countries and in the world in reading, math, and science achieved Finnish students in PISA tests. United States and Europe, worldwide uproar.

Without prejudice to the educational outcomes that have been achieved so far and also programs that have been, are and continue to be performed, the Indonesian national education in the future, should use the concept of meaningfulness in any learning activities, or in the short term-value education. This means that education should no longer functioned as a formality activities of government which spent trillions of rupiah, but really should be able to provide value for the learners so that they are able to live in a dynamic society, able to adapt, and be free from dependence on others because the knowledge gained is able to sustain its struggle to achieve a decent living.
To be able to provide more value on our education, is technically a learning offensive and pro-active to an absolute demand. In principle, the learning process is not controlled by the teacher, but is controlled by the learner / learner. What should be taught, if taught, and how it should be taught are determined by the learner. The underlying mindset is education, both formal and non-formal no longer separated by dunis business, commerce and politics which incidentally is the reality of everyday life.

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